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RSG - Responsible Gambling Services

Responsible Gambling Services (RSG) - SITHGAM001

Responsible gambling services must be provided wherever gambling activities are undertaken. In the hospitality industry, the gambling environment is usually referred to as the gaming area and is provided in a range of venues such as hotels, motels, clubs, pubs and casinos.

Gambling is defined as the staking of money on uncertain events driven by chance. The major forms of gambling are wagering (racing and sport) and gaming (gaming machines, table games, Keno and lotteries). Both forms of gambling are relevant to the hospitality industry.

Hospitality venues operate Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) outlets for wagering on racing and sport events. They also cover the full range of gaming activities, including the operation of gaming machines, table games, Keno and lotteries.

The responsible provision of gambling services is an essential underpinning skill for all hospitality personnel involved in the sale and service of gambling activities in licensed premises, including the licensee, gaming supervisors and gaming managers when involved in operational gambling activities.

The unit applies equally to frontline operational gambling personnel who operate with a limited level of autonomy and under some supervision and guidance from others. They would operate within the predefined organisational procedures and industry and regulatory authority codes of conduct.

Operational job roles would include gaming attendant, table game attendant, croupier and multi-skilled food and beverage attendant.

Key Topics :
  1. Provide responsible service of gambling.
  2. Provide information and assistance to customers about problem gambling.
  3. House Policy.
  4. Restrictions to minors.
  5. Harm minimisation.

Where can I work ? :
  1. Retail.
  2. Deli.
  3. Supermarket.
  4. Cafe and Coffee Sh, Restaurant.
  5. Air hostess (also need RSA).
  6. Local fundraisers that sell food.
  7. Scout leaders.
  8. Hospitals or any business that operates a Kitchen.
  9. Hospitality and the food production industry.


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