HLTAID003 - Provide first aid (Level 2)

HLTAID003 - Provide first aid (Level 2)

This unit's theory and assessment is conducted online. There is a practical component of 3 hours that needs to be attended in a class.

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No Pre-requisites

Australian Qualification Training's First Aid training is open to everyone. There are no prerequisites or previous experience required. We do ask students under 14 years of age to provide written statement from a parent or guardian granting them permission to attend the course.

Group Bookings

If your workplace has a minimum of seven (7) employees to be trained in First Aid Level 2 we can send an Australian Qualification Training trainer to you. Contact Australian Qualification Training on 03 837 34008 and we can arrange a time and booking best suited to you.

Unit Overview

After completing the HLTAID003 Provide First Aid unit, you will be able to provide the necessary skills needed to respond to a medical emergency with the goal of saving lives, reducing pain and injury until qualified medical help takes over. People in the community that could benefit from this qualification may include the following:

  1. You - the general public.
  2. Police Officers.
  3. Child Care Workers.
  4. Primary/High School Teachers.
  5. Nurses.
  6. Mothers & Fathers
  7. CFA Members.
  8. Council Employees.
  9. Scout Leaders.
  10. Flight Attendants.
  11. Industry Employees.
  12. Everybody!

Australian Qualification Training's First Aid unit is available to students looking to obtain their Level 2 in First Aid. You can start this unit any time you like, take a break and come back to Australian Qualification Training's HLDAID003 provide first aid at any time you like to resume from where you left. Once you are competent in the Theory and Practical components of this unit you will receive a Nationally Recognised Certificate (Statement of Attainment).