HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid Normal Price $100

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HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid Normal Price $100 - Book now for $70 -
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AQT is available in Geelong and surrounding areas, Bannockburn, Ballarat and surrounding areas. AQT's trainers are professionals and work the industry: -
Get trained by the professionals who know what they are doing and practice first aid regularly!

Our course materials and assessment are NOW 100% Online. Once you've registered, paid you will have access to complete the online assessment. You will have support through the course. Once you have submit your assessment you will be assigned a trainer who will mark your results. If any corrections are needed you will be notified and given a chance to re submit. AQT believes everyone should have enough changes to know how to save a life. The statistics show you will be saving a loved one's life. You will then be able to book a classroom time for your practical assessment. The session will allow you to complete the practical assessment (CPR, Bandages etc).

As part of your 100% successful completion and assessment of this unit you will receive a first aid kit and a CPR kit with a RRP of $65 to put in your car or have at home in the case of emergency. The first aid kit comes with:-

71 pieces

2x Triangular Bandage (96x96x136cm) ; 2x Disposable Glove (Large size); 2x Saline wound wash (15ml); !x Plastic Tweezer (13cm); 2x PBT bandage (5cm x 450cm); 2x PBT bandage (7.5cm x 450cm); 2x PBT bandage (10cm x 450cm); 1x Nonwoven Medical tape (2.5cm x 5m); 1x Scissor (15cm);1x Disposable CPR mask (One way valve); 6x Safety pin (3.7cm); 10x Sterile Nonwoven swab (7.5cm x 7.5cm); 10x Alcohol wipe (5cm x 5cm);2x Trauma Pad (10cm x 20cm); 20x Band aid (1.9cm x 7.2cm); 4x Cleaning Wipe (6cm x 8cm); 1x Pencil; 1x Note Pad (A7); 1x Instruction manual (A4); 1x First Aid Kit Bag (24cm x 19cm x 8cm)

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Key topics:-

  1. Assessing the Situation.
  2. Provide First Aid Procedures.
  3. Communicate The Details Of The Incident.
  4. Evaluate Own Performance.
  5. Assessment.

Unit Facts:-

  1. HLTAID003 - Provide First aid (level 2)
  2. Average time to complete the unit is 4 hours. The unit is self-paced so your able to start and start when you want.
  3. You will receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment upon completion

Unit Overview:-

After completing this Provide First Aid unit, you will be able to provide the necessary skills needed to respond to a medical emergency with the goal of saving lives, reducing pain and injury until qualified medical help takes over. People in the community that could benefit from this qualification may include the following:

  1. You - the general public.
  2. Police Officers.
  3. Child Care Workers.
  4. Primary/High School Teachers.
  5. Nurses.
  6. Mothers & Fathers
  7. CFA Members.
  8. Council Employees.
  9. Scout Leaders.
  10. Flight Attendants.
  11. Industry Employees.
  12. Everybody!

AQT's First Aid unit is available to students looking to obtain their Level 2 in First Aid. Simply sign up, log in and select the first aid. You can start this unit any time you like, take a break and come back to AQT's Website at any time you like to resume the First Aid unit from where you left. Sign back in with your email address and password. Once you are competent in the Theory and Practical components of this unit you will receive a Nationally Recognised Certificate (Statement of Attainment).

Inside the first aid kit

Mode of Delivery:-

Workbook and Assessment is emailed to you and the Practical (CPR) is conducted in the classroom at your desired location and time.

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